A pleasure to greet you again friend from the Holliday group. Have you ever wondered what is more convenient for me to have an architect and develop my project on my part or hire general contracting services? What is cheaper and more agile? Well, here we share the advantages of hiring top general contractors in Florida instead of just an architect. Thanks for taking the time to read us.


Advantages of hiring top general contractors


Probably you and your family, like some other families, want to see how your house is built from scratch. You want to be part of the whole process, from the conception of the idea, the plans of what you hope will become your home, laying the first stone, supervising the work, until the moment of finishing the work, making the move, and entering your house for the first time.


For this, many families seek the services of “independent professionals” architects, in the best of cases, to take their ideas and translate them into a plan and develop the project, some more adventurous only seek an architect to develop the plans and they manage the work directly, a mistake in most cases.


Being able to enjoy a well-built 100% personalized home, with quality materials, from scratch, is a complex task, which requires not only a professional but several from different disciplines and this is where the problems begin if only hire an architect.


To carry out the construction process and not stay halfway, because the budget goes beyond what was initially estimated, there are several ways.


One of them, the most comfortable probably, is to hire General Contracting Services to take care of everything, from the project, architects, engineers, masons, materials, permits, and other resources necessary to build a house, a warehouse, etc.


The advantages of hiring top general contractors instead of just an architect, which we will discuss below:


1. Professional support, quality guaranteed
While an architect assumes all the weight of the work to be done, in a construction company there is a team of support professionals, this team usually includes architects, engineers, supervisors, bricklayers, managers, among others, which in short, speed up the project in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the house.


This means that your idea will be treated to perfection, in a professional way so that your home has the best guarantees. In addition, in the case of building a new home, the builder must grant you a guarantee of hidden defects, so if something goes wrong in the future, the builder will respond and resolve these details.


An architect who works on his own, usually, assumes his work until the moment he hands you the keys to your house and if there are flaws or hidden construction defects, these expenses will generally be at your expense.


2. Agility of delivery, savings in delivery time
This is one of the most important benefits. It is simply about saving time, since thanks to the high specialization in a construction company a more efficient work can be achieved, thanks to the team of professionals with specific functions, which simplifies and optimizes processes from the initial project, execution, and until delivery of the keys.


An independent architect will have to outsource the support of other professionals and conduct studies on their own, which can increase costs and impact construction times, which brings us to the third point


3. Hiring and labor save discussions
One of the most important points is the issue of hiring labor, from experience we know that it can be an arduous process to find the right personnel to carry out the work and at this point is where many times independent architects, or owners who run their project, suffer more when finding staff who have the responsibility that each project requires.


In general contracting services, it is unlikely that you will be surprised with labor payments since it takes care of the hiring, quality supervision, and commitment of the personnel who work in it.


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