When purchasing a new home by new construction homes Sarasota FL, it is extremely important to pay attention to the type of house under construction. This affects a large number of factors, such as the quality of materials, durability, sound insulation, the possibility of redevelopment, and, importantly, the cost of the final home.


To understand the intricacies of each type and choose the best option for yourself provided by new construction homes Sarasota FL, our guide to the world of construction will help you.


1. Monolithic houses
The construction technology of such houses is a reinforcing cage with hardened concrete, which is called a monolith.
• Lack of external seams;
• High wall strength;
• Noise isolation;
• Reliability and durability
• Not the fastest speed of building a house (2-3 years);
• 10-15% more expensive than panel houses


The configuration of the house, its architecture, the characteristics of the interior space in monolithic housing construction are not limited to the standard set of “details”. General contracting services can provide dozens of types of windows of any geometry, low sill, corner, and panoramic glazing. The degree of freedom in space planning, which is given by monolithic housing construction to both the developer and the buyer of an apartment, is unattainable in a panel house.


With the right choice, an apartment in a monolithic building by general contracting services, even with a smaller area, may be more convenient than a panel analog. Thanks to the additional window, it is possible to allocate a separate bedroom for the child today, and tomorrow, when he grows up, return the spacious living room. Thanks to the general contracting services, you can close the need for an additional room, for example, equip a work area.


And in the long term, a monolithic house always has an advantage: both rational and emotional – simply because it is “not like everyone else.” In any segment, in any area, there is always a mass of proposals, but there are one or two houses “where I would like to live”, where apartments for sale are expected and are ready for prices higher than the market. An apartment in a panel house will always remain one of the masses of analogs, a solution for those who seek to solve the housing issue as cheaply as possible, where you can only compete by lowering the price. ”


2. Brick houses
Today, brick houses can be safely attributed to premium housing. And there is some strong evidence for this:
• Long service life (over 150 years);
• Possibility of drawing up a unique layout (designers are not limited to the forms of typical buildings);
• High reliability and strength of the material;
• Comfortable indoor climate;
• Noise isolation;
• The ability of the material to absorb and release moisture (the risk of mold and mildew is practically excluded)
• High fire safety
The disadvantages include:
• The high cost of apartments;
• Long-term construction of the house.


3. Blockhouses
For the construction of such houses, blocks of gas or expanded clay concrete are used, which are interconnected with cement mortar.
• High speed of construction;
• Low cost;
• Good thermal insulation
• Low strength of materials;
• The possibility of cracks on ceilings and walls;
• Poor soundproofing


4. Panel houses
Today panel houses are the leaders in the real estate market due to a reasonable combination of price and quality.
• The possibility of construction as soon as possible (approximately half a year);
• Affordable housing cost;
• Smooth ceilings and walls guaranteed;
• Continuous improvement and modernization of materials in the construction of new buildings;
• Not always a good layout of apartments;
• Typical buildings without architectural zest;
• Insufficient heat and sound insulation.


When choosing a new home by new construction homes Sarasota FL, rely on the two most important things – needs and opportunities. Decide what is more important to you – the durability of the house or the cheapness? Fast delivery time or quality of materials? Having prioritized, you will immediately understand and make the right choice for yourself without any problems.