This issue is important not only for the customer but in general, is significant for the successful implementation of the entire project, behind which are the restaurant contractor, designer, suppliers, and many other participants. In most cases, the main criteria when choosing restaurant general contractors near me are price and terms, but the quality and reputation of the company behind the reliability of the project are practically not taken into account. This approach often leads to numerous litigation, and ultimately to losses.



For the successful implementation of investment construction projects and the elimination of controversial situations, based on our practical experience in the construction market of Sarasota, we at Holliday Group have developed an algorithm for choosing a Contractor from key rules:

  • Market analysis of construction companies;
  • Formation of a portfolio of potential restaurant contractor;
  • Detailed study of companies from a portfolio of potential Contractors;



Market analysis of construction companies



Market monitoring is to study its current state – the services provided and their quality, the number of construction companies and their capabilities, legal regulation of construction by legislation. We also recommend consulting with experienced customer services (engineering companies) in order to get expert opinions from them, which will help to form a wider picture of the upcoming field of activity.



If you are at the pre-investment stage of the project and have not yet started the development of design and estimate documentation, we recommend that you consider the possibility of turnkey construction, which will reduce your risks and help to achieve more coordinated work and a better final result.



Formation of a portfolio of potential restaurant general contractors near me



Further, when completing the market analysis, we recommend that you select applicants for the role of a Contractor for your project based on their technical capabilities, economic stability, and construction experience.



Create a list of potential Contractors.



From all potential participants, you need to create a pool of the most credible restaurant contractor, weeding out dubious, inexperienced, and economically insolvent companies. You should pay attention to the information provided and how openly the company shows it – these are implemented and ongoing projects, reviews, news, company history, certificates, contacts of other customers, etc. There is no need to study each company in detail at this stage, because the goal is to simplify select organizations that are suitable for the above indicators, separating the unsuitable companies.



In the future, it will be necessary to more thoroughly research the companies from the portfolio of potential restaurant general contractors near me, which may take your time ineffectively if you have included dubious companies on this list. The recommended number is from 5 to 10 companies at this stage.



Detailed study of companies from a portfolio of potential restaurant general contractors near me



Now you need to get to know each company qualitatively – to study its cases, go to the finished objects to inspect their quality, contact the former customers of the company to receive comments on cooperation with your potential restaurant contractor, and get acquainted with the economic viability (no arrest on the company’s accounts, no judicial cases as a defendant, tax arrears, etc.) and the technical competence of the company. A trustworthy company will provide its customers ‘ phones, contacting which it will be possible to find out their point of view about this company. The same applies to the history of the company, which should be transparent to you, of course, with the assistance of the Contractor himself.