The added value of residential general contractors in Sarasota lies in their ability to manage an entire project efficiently. This means that you must have excellent working relationships with talented and reliable subcontractors. Good general contracting services have learned from bad experiences and only works with subcontractors who can deliver in a timely manner. One way to choose a good contractor is to ask for references for the latest projects carried out.


It is necessary to talk with former clients and ask them about their experiences, including how easy it is to work with him, if he was able to meet deadlines and how the final cost of the project was compared to the price of the contract.


What are the most important responsibilities

of Residential General Contractors in Sarasota?


First, the general contracting services offer a turnkey contract with the full cost of the work. In preparing a contract, the CG must complete a cost estimate for the construction of the house or building. Second, the contractor will hire all subcontractors, obtain building permits, plan activities, monitor construction quality, and pay you all. The contractor will develop a schedule of tasks until full completion and must show it to you beforehand so that you can both agree. On most projects, contact with the contractor is daily or several times a week. The inclusion of municipal permits and insurance should be the contract or main agreement with the contractor, which is part of your task.


Residential General Contractors in Sarasota


Our group of companies acts as general contracting services for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures. We are ready to offer you the implementation of general contracting services (general contracting). We have extensive experience in the implementation of interesting and complex investment projects and are ready to implement your construction plans from concept development to turnkey delivery.


Modern construction requires special attention at all stages of construction work. The main function of the general contractor is to carry out construction work on its own or with the involvement of third parties. The general contractor has all the licenses and documents necessary to carry out the work, the general contractor is fully responsible for the entire range of construction work and the timing of the order.


Our company is a professional residential general contractors in Sarasota applying the latest technologies in the field of construction and building design. The company “Holliday Group” controls the entire course of construction work: preparation of a construction site, earthworks, construction and installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, erection of load-bearing and enclosing structures, engineering work.


As a general contractor, the company “Holliday Group” is ready to carry out such types of work as:


  • Obtaining the necessary approvals and building permits;
  • Organization of a tender and conclusion of contracts with subcontractors;
  • Formation of a planning document for the construction of a given object;
  • Comprehensive technical supervision of construction and installation works;
  • Supply of materials and equipment to the construction site installations;
  • Organization and construction management;
  • Engineering services;
  • Monitoring compliance with the requirements of supervisory services, comprehensive
  • organization of construction safety;
  • Preparation of as-built documentation;
  • Delivery of a construction site within the time frame specified in the contract.